A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020

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The QuickBooks desktop for Mac is back with some exceptional features and specifications. Mac users can track all their business income and expenses even more easily. If you’re wondering what’s new in the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020, keep reading this blog. We will inventory list all the necessary information so that you can purchase this version without any doubt.

New features basically include Dark Mode, Bounce Check Processing, Efficient Reporting and more. Users do not need any prior accounting knowledge to access their facilities.

A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is an accounting software program that is fully compatible with the Mac device. It is particularly designed for Mac users who would rather have an on-premise accounting solution than a cloud-hosted one.

Some great featured added in the QuickBooks for desktop Mac are listed below:

Improved Reporting

With modern or improved reporting, customers can easily customize, use and navigate the software to their liking. It provides real-time and customized reporting that automatically saves changes.

To learn more about this feature, you need to open the ‘What’s New’ window in your QuickBooks desktop for Mac. Just launch your QuickBooks software, click on What’s fresh in QuickBooks and click Help?

In the reporting sidebar, you will see three tab filters, formats, and options. Users get advanced reporting, simplified report-generation design and other features to suit their specific needs.

You can open or close the report sidebar by clicking on the Show Sidebar option available at the top of the toolbar. Users can also use the Print and Email buttons to print and email reports. In addition, users can customize the report via the Columns option and change the calendar type using the Options.

The best feature of QuickBooks for Mac is that it enables users to change reports from Accrual to Cash or vice versa. With the Filters tab, users can rapidly search for the reports that are required by them.

In addition, there are some formatting features that allow Mac users to change the font style, color, or numbering format however they prefer. The Format tab is highly comprehensive and includes various options for user convenience.

Better Company Dashboard

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 offers a streamlined dashboard that provides customizable layouts, data ranges and widgets to get better business visibility. Users will be able to make efficient business decisions through this feature.

With modifiable information, formats, and gadgets, users can get a summary of what’s happening in their business on a single screen.

Moreover, users have the option to manage data in the proper format so that they get what they need without running multiple reports.

e-Payments for Invoice

Now users can send online invoices to customers using credit and other online payment options. This allows them to save time and get faster payments without making a manual record or process payments separately.

Just sign in to your QuickBooks Payments account and set up the Payments feature. After that, create an invoice with e-payments.

Points to Remember:

There are Accept Credit Cards and Accept Bank Transfer buttons at the bottom of the invoice window. You need to choose either of the two before enabling the e-payments option.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac automatically includes a Pay Online online in the email body whenever you send an invoice to a customer. It takes customers to a secure payment portal right after they click on the link. The customer can then select a preferred mode of payment from Credit, Debit or a Bank Transaction.

Bounced Check Processing

Processing bounced checks is also easier with this new feature on QuickBooks multi-user for Mac. It saves money and you never have to rely on an accountant to check or rectify wrongly recorded checks.

Whenever there is a problem in a check received from a customer and you have already deposited it, you’ll be able to record it on your software and charge the customer for it.

iPhone Scanner

You can now use your iPhone’s camera to add or upload images to QuickBooks. You may also use your iPhone’s camera to scan important documents and save both money and time.

To make the most of this feature, remember these points:-

  1. Ensure that your Device and Mac are on the same WiFi network.
  2. Verify if Bluetooth is enabled on your device as well as Mac
  3. You need to sign to iCloud using the same Apple ID for security purposes.
  4. Make sure you have iOS 12 and macOS Mojave on your device.

Dark Mode

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 supports Dark Mode on Mac systems. It provides users with a pleasing look and helps them stay focused while working for long hours. You can switch to this mode through the Apple menu. Just click on System Preferences followed by General. Then, select the Dark option under Appearance.

Different Essential Features You Must Know About

Although the above-mentioned features are the highlight of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, there are some more specifications you should know about:-

1. Batch Invoicing

This is an exceptionally time-saving feature that allows users to send the same invoice to multiple users at once.

2. Customized Charts of Accounts

You can easily remove the accounts that are not in use and create a separate chart of accounts according to your convenience.

3. Personalized Products and Services List

You can now add products or change the product or service list for better tracking.

4. Quick Tracking of Multiple Departments and Locations

There is a Class tracking feature that allows users to keep track of multiple departments and locations at once. Just set up the different departments and locations to make efficient use of this feature.

5. Access for Multiple Users

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac offers multiple user access. If you’re the admin, you will be able to purchase 2 more licenses and give access to other users. Just don’t forget that you can access data only from the network or system server you installed it on.

6. Document Sharing through iCloud

It is one of the best features added in QuickBooks for Mac 2020. It allows users to share data from one Mac device to another easily. Users can also share information on multiple systems through iCloud.


We hope you found all the above-mentioned features of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 useful. In case of questions or doubts, feel free to call us on our QuickBooks Support phone number. Our professionals would be more than glad to assist you with any concerns or queries you may have.

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