Cellebrite claims it can unlock the iPhone and Android for cops

Cellebrite claims it can unlock the iPhone and Android for cops

Cellebrite has named this device Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED). It’s an Israeli company this company claims it can unlock the iPhone and Android for cops

If you are an iPhone or Android smartphone user, it is a matter of concern for you, because Israeli forensic firm Cellebrite claims to unlock any iPhone, iPad and premium Android smartphone through a device. The questions about Cellebrite’s claim that Apple has started questioning the user’s privacy on Samsung, Google, and all tech companies.
Although the aim of the company is not to deny the user’s privacy, rather create software through which the police or law can be helped. For example, Cellebrite’s device used by unlocking the phone of the criminals and extracting data from it.

Its a service, which was created to help law enforcement in unlocking and extracting data from locked iOS and Android services, will be sold as an “on-premises tool,” which means that the police will be able to buy the hacking device and then use it by themselves, however, they want.

According to the information given on the firm’s website, with the help of UFED

the police can access the existing app in any iPhone or Android smartphone and extract the data contained in it. Apart from this, the content on the phone can also deleted.

The company claims that the iPhone from iOS 7 to IOS 12.3 can be unlocked with the help of UFED. Also, this device can unlock any Android smartphone. The company claims that this device can unlock smartphones from companies like Samsung, Shaomi, Motorola, LG, and Huawei.

Media reports. It is believed that in the year 2015. Sayyid Rizwan, fires in California, the iPhone 5S was opened by the American intelligence agency FBI with Cellebrite. As Apple refused Saying Rizwan to unlock the phone. However, not yet been officially confirmed that Cellebrite had broken the lock of the iPhone 5S.

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