FROZEN iPhone Alert 3 Tips to Fix the Issue

FROZEN iPhone Alert! 3 Tips to Fix the Issue

One of the scariest nightmares is when an iPhone freezes! However, before panicking, it is best to try out some DIY tips to fix the issue

There is nothing scarier than a frozen iPhone. After all, these do not come costly! So, if you’ve saved money and recently purchased that iPhone X, you might be a tad obsessed with it!

So obsessed that you carry it to work, play, gym and wherever. All that is fine and good for a while, but let’s face it, how much grilling can a tech device take! One fine day you wake up and the phone goes blank. Boom! It’s frozen!

Now, you might start having a panic attack, because if you’re the phone’s not working, you’re desperate. However, stop Googling ‘cell phone repair parts’ and calm down. There might be DIY solutions you’ll like to try first.

So, read this blog and check out 4 tips to bring life back into a frozen iPhone.

1. Restart! (Obviously)

This is probably the first instinct that takes over once your iPhone X freezes- Restart. Well, don’t hold back and do it!

Hold the sleep/wake button and turn off your home. With luck, this might work. In case it doesn’t hold the hard reset and the sleep/wake button at the same time and press till 10S until the Apple logo surfaces to the screen.

This restart will assist in downloading or uploading installed apps, which might have secretly got linked to your phone. Once these are done, your phone will be much likely to unlock and start working.

In case this does work out, tough luck! The best option is to find Apple iPhone x parts suppliers for changing the battery or infected portion. (Visit the service center to know what the issue is)

2. IOS Updating 

Often running old iOS software on a phone can be the perpetrator behind an iPhone freezing or not working. This especially is legit when an iPhone app is downloaded that is designed to work alongside the latest OS.

Thus, to update the phone, plug it into a computer. After that, open iTunes and click on “updates”. However, before doing this ensure to take a backup of all the things you store on the iPhone.

Nevertheless, if you’re lucky enough to be using iOS 5, then go to Settings and click on “General”. There go to “Software updates” and click on “Install Now.”

However, if that is not the issue then invest in a few cell phone repair parts and let a service center look into your device.

3. Get a System Monitor 

Numerous apps available in the iTunes store are good for checking the health of your phone. For example, the system monitor can help you check the cache information, memory logs, memory usage and more.

Moreover, if you monitor this information, you can find out which apps are slowing the phone down, or which setting is making the phone heat up, etc.

Well, there you go! These 3 tips might help you bring life back into a frozen iPhone. But, if none of the tips works, then invest surf the net and find Apple iPhone x parts supplierswho can look into your phone’s issues. Good luck!

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