How to Trace Phone location with Google search engine


Have you ever check in to your pocket to pull out your phone and realized that it is missing? 

Here are two methods to trace your phone with the help of google map or with a google search engine.yeah!! it’s really amazing you can see the location of your phone and you can all so ring your phone, you can erase your data without touching your phone

Smartphone has become an important part of life. Users prefer to spend most of their time with mobile. But if the phone is lost or stolen, then in such a situation life becomes scared. We are going to tell you some steps that will help you easily find lost or stolen smartphones. If the phone is lost, the worry of data, photos, and other essential goods becomes overwhelming. In such a situation, Apple users have a ‘Find My Phone’ feature. That’s where Android smartphone comes with the ‘Find Your Phone’ feature. This feature traces the places and locations where you have been. Let’s tell you how to locate the location of the phone with Google Maps.

Trace your phone with Google Maps

To find lost Android phones with the help of Google Maps, you must first have a mobile, laptop or Pc that has internet connectivity. In addition, you must remember the Gmail account and password.

Let’s tell you the Essential 5 steps that you need to follow.

trace phone

1). Type at Google.

2). After this Google Maps will open, here you have to enter the Google account that was linked to your missing phone.

3). After account sign-in, the menu on the right should be visible, click on them.

4). After this, you will see ‘Your timeline’ option.

5). After choosing your timeline option, you will have to enter the year, month and day,

The day you want to trace your phone see the location history. After entering all the information, your location history will start showing up over time. Let us know if you want to use this feature in Google Maps on any phone. Sign in the same account in Google Maps that was linked to your phone. The way to use this feature in the handset is also the same thing. This feature will work correctly only if your mobile and location service are available in it.

Note: if want to you this feature to work properly, your device must be switched on and must have the location services turned on. 

How to find your device with google search engine

Your Android phone should have the Google App installed

Here’s how it works:

1). First, use your computer browser to log in to the Google account you have set up on your phone.

trace phone

2). Now type “find my phone” into Google’s search engine on your PC

3). you will see the result then click on the map

OK, that’s fine. But what if your phone is lost in your home? Google won’t tell you what room it’s in, but it can ring your device so you can try to track it down yourself.

4). To ring your device, click the icon or link for Ring on the map. Your device will ring at full volume for up to five minutes.

Once you find it, simply click the power button to turn off the ringing.

trace phone

3).now you can easily erase your data on one click

4). really google makes you safe”great job

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