Mi LED Smart Bulb Available in India,price


Specific things

  • Crowdfunding of Mi LED Smart Bulb starts at 12 noon
  • Google Assistance support will come with Mi LED Smart Bulb
  • It has been claimed that the Mi LED Smart Bulb will last for 11 years.

Mi LED Smart Bulb was launched in India earlier this week and now from 12 noon I have been made available for LED smart bulb crowdfunding. From the cloud funding, the price of Mi LED Smart Bulb in India is also known. This smart bulb can be controlled through the Home app, and not only does it support the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant and Google Assistant. I have also been claiming the LED Light Bulb that it will last for 11 years. Let me know that the LED smart bulb supports 1.6 million colors. Xiaomi launched Smart bulb beside the Redmi Y3 and Redmi 7 smartphones in India.

Price of Mi LED Smart Bulb in India
In the next 10 days, for the initial 4,000 orders, the price of the LED smart bulb has been fixed at 999 rupees. It is speculated that after the 4,000 unit Mi LED Smart Bulb will be sold for Rs. 1,299, this is indicated by the listing page. The delivery of these orders will begin on May 20.



I have claimed the LED smart bulb that it will last for 11 years and it supports 1.6 million colors. Shaomi said that Smart Bulb will come with Alexa and Google Assist support. Customers will not need a hub or bridge to use the LED Smart Bulb. I will be able to work on and off the user bulb through the Home app, setting schedules, changing brightness and changing color, etc.

Shortly before, Xiaomi had listed Mi Men Sports Shoes 2 on its crowdfunding site in India. Shaomi had set a target of 5,000 units, and this goal was completed soon and the company got 15,514 supporters as well. These shoes have been made with 5-in-1 uni-molding technology. Five different materials have been used in making these sports shoes, due to which the shoes are shockproof, durable and slip-resistant.

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