Oneplus Explorer Backpack


Oneplus is known for its flagship phones. With this, Oneplus is also building high-quality accessories and backpack. With the launch of OnePlus 6T, the company introduced a new slick and durable/durable backpack. We got this bag for review. If you were looking for a backpack to keep some accessories, including laptops, then read this review of Oneplus Explorer Backpack.

Oneplus Explorer Backpack is good both in look and feel. However, its side zip design is stylish, but it seems a little uncomfortable to use. In the bag you will not miss space shortage. In the bag, there was space left in the bag even after having two big smartphone boxes and some other accessories such as charger, power bank, headphones etc. with 2 laptops. Despite having so much luggage, the bag is made in such a way that you do not have any problem in caring. Do not put too much emphasis on the shoulder in lifting a heavy bag with the bag balance and back padding.

If you were looking for a bagpack to keep some accessories, including laptops, then read this review of Oneplus Explorer Backpack.There are also several pockets in it. In its main compartment, space is given with the strap to keep a laptop which is found in laptops bags.

At the same time, a compartment and small pouch is present. It’s easy to lock-unlock the bag and you’ll see oneplus’s red strap with its Fiddlock.A compartment on the front of the bag and given only It is waterproof and has been vented on the side of the bag to get water out of soaked umbrellas.

The company has made the bag closely by keeping users’ small needs in mind carefully.Two small pockets are also given in one side of the bag. In one, you can keep things like water bottles. The second pocket bag is given between the back and side pocket. You can use it like Hidden Pocket.

The back side padding of the backpack is quite good, but its straps are not as padded. Even after filling all the bags in the bag, there is no problem in lifting it. The bag in the look may not attract everyone more, but this bagpack will fit all your criteria according to comfort and need. However, in the bag, you are getting both comfort and space, but even after this, its price is slightly higher. If the price of the bag was around 2500 then it could also be called economical.

Highlight point

2 laptops pocket, padded sleeves
     Water resistant
     Padded back
     Extra Pockets for Accessories


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