Seedbox: A reliable solution for uploading and downloading large files

Seedbox: A reliable solution for uploading and downloading large media files

Are you looking for a reliable solution to transfer media files at high speed? You don’t need to search further. Through this post, you will know about a robust hardware ‘Seedbox’ which is able to transfer files at high speed.

Seedbox has high bandwidth (can range from 100M bits/sec to 10 Gbits/sec) to upload and download media files. With such enormous speed, a large media file like a full HD movie will be downloaded within a minute. Torrents files are uploaded generally using Seedbox. Seedbox hides the identity of the user and a seedbox user can download torrent files by going anonymous.

You can use a seedbox to download media files 24/7 while the devices like laptop or computer can’t be used for this purpose. Seedbox can download and store as many media files (audio and video) as you want. It will save your phone/ computer storage.

Downloaded content will get stored on the server. You will be able to access downloaded content from anywhere, anytime. You will need to sync your device with the seedbox. The device on which you want to access your content will use a media server to access the content stored in the seedbox. You will just need an internet connection so that you can watch your favorite movie through a browser on your device.

People who love enjoying watching videos while traveling can use a seedbox. They can stream content stored in the seedbox directly on their device through a browser. Media servers like plex, EMBY server, Jellyfish are used to access content from the seedbox and stream on the device through a browser. All these media servers provide similar benefits. You can use any one of these media servers to access the content stored in the seedbox and stream on your device like a phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

These media servers allow users to organize content. So, you can also organize media files according to your convenience. You can put all the videos of the same movie series in a single folder.

A dual concept of hardware and software is introduced by combining the plex media server with the seedbox. Plex seedbox contains a seedbox and a media server that would make your life easy by storing media files and let you stream those content on your device. You can stream any media file on your phone, you just need the internet to establish a connection between your phone and the server.

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All the content (media files) that you store in the seedbox will be private. Nobody can access your content without authorization. So, you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your content.

Seedbox providers offer various plans to the customers. Generally, you can get plans with different cloud storage and speed. Some seedbox companies also provide a free trial to customers. You can try those offers too. Hope you liked this post.

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