Shomei (Xiaomi) The world’s first double-folding phone.


Chinese company Shomei (Xiaomi), which produces mobile and gadgets, is constantly bringing innovative products on affordable prices, it is now preparing to bring in the phone. Shawomi’s Vice President shared a double folding phone video. In this video, Shawmoi President Bin Lin is seen using this phone. This video shows that this foldable phone of shaoumi gets twisted twice. It will be the world’s first double-folding phone.

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Wang Jiang, senior vice president of the company This is the world’s first double folding phone. This is cool, is not it? Bin Lin is seen using a phone in the video, which is the size of the fable.

this phone from two sides and it looks like standard size smartphone. Also the interface of the phone becomes unstable in the same way. This hands-on video is being watched with a leak. Popular tipster Ivan Blas showed a shawmike phone in a leaked video that could have folded from two sides.

Samsung will also launch a foldable phone

Its left and right panel can be folded and compacted. The company has not yet deed its name. Bin Lin has asked users to name their name on the Chinese social site Weibo. He has said that he has named names like Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi MIX Flex. Let’s say Samsung is also preparing to launch the phone next month.

The information related to the rest of this phone has not been revealed. It is believed that it can have 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 processor. Shaomi has confirmed that it will be shown on February 24

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