Secret Tips to Be a Successful Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs

1. Look for the results, not the reasons.

One of my mentors, Marshal Tharbor says: “There are reasons and consequences, only one thing that matters is the result.” Reasons are filled with emotional prejudices and are often wrong. Instead of guiding your business on the backend of assumptions, make it on the data.

2.Know what your clients really want.

The purpose of business is to bring your clients a greater benefit, a greater advantage and a greater result. But if you don’t know what their ultimate endpoint should be, than how can you help them? Don’t assume you know the answer. Study their actions and talk with them to find out how you can become their hero.


Successful entrepreneurs will not sit around their butt. They will never tolerate inertia, nor will they allow themselves to roam in their comfort zone. They are constantly trying for something. Successful people are rarely bored, because they are always searching for something new.

Depression and laziness will pull you down like a rock tied with your feet in the middle of a lake. Successful entrepreneurs know that time is their most valuable resource because it is not renewable. Life is too short to be inactivity or a couch potato. The true leaders focus on what they can do right now, and how they can move forward.

Successful Entrepreneur

4. Be average.

Successful entrepreneurs never compromise to be normal – they are constantly pushing themselves to reach new goals. Simply put, generality is never acceptable. There are no successful people in search of a successful life; They rail against monotony and always try to keep things fresh and interesting. Often it means that they are always making changes in their daily routine.

Even small changes can lead to the brain and can promote creativity. They are constantly seeking ways to rise above humility and familiarity. They are pushing the boundaries, and they have a flexible mindset to do this. They are ready to make tough choices and work hard to reach beyond worldliness and achieve their dreams.

5.Habitual negativity.

Those who focus on achieving success do not waste time in complaining and they do not have any tolerance for whip and negativity in others. Successful entrepreneurs avoid negativity because they know that it will hold them back in the long run. Nothing is better than complaining Belly coaching is useless until you actually do anything about it. If you do not like something, then find a way to change it. Take charge of one situation and find a solution or solution. Negativity only wastes time and creates a toxic environment, none of which is constructive.

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6. Inspire your team.

.Give people a reason to be excited to work for your company. Make it your goal to help them succeed in their job. They will stick by your side if you stick by them. Inspire. Invest. Repeat.

7. Give (at least without fighting).

Those people who accept defeat quickly or do not feel trapped in anything, they often do not believe themselves. However, successful entrepreneurs know that you should always be the most talented, richest or the smartest person in the room.

You can be of those things and can never achieve your ultimate goal. What is stubbornness? Keeping the tendency to keep away you will benefit more than anything else. Be prepared to face adverse conditions and be committed to long-term goals. Successful leaders expect nothing less than themselves and those around them.

Successful Entrepreneur


Successful people understand the importance of living a sincere and authentic life. The reality and decisions of dishonest clouds, and ultimately obstruct your ability to make good decisions. In a wider picture, dishonesty is often a succession of small agreements that ultimately causes you to devalue those things which you dearly cherish.

It goes hand in hand to refuse to tolerate situations or people who compromise your integrity. When you live with the compromised integrity, or allow people in your life or business who have suspicious behavior or business ethics, it can gradually stick to your self-esteem and on your principles Can eat.

9.Toxic relation.

If you are with people who are boggling and tough, you are pulling down with hostility, then you are wasting them valuable energy and emotional resources on them. Successful people do not allow themselves to be into toxic relationships. They keep their focus firmly on solving problems.

If they have to deal with a negative or toxic person, then they learn to rise and control the situation. Those who focus on achieving success know that they do not have the time or energy to deal with complainants or to suck in negative emotional spirals.

Dull never succeeded. That’s because they waste time, money and energy. To achieve success, hard work has to be done in the long haul. There is no room for indiscipline or unnecessary practices. Unhealthy habits will reduce weight and eventually add to your stress level. Successful people avoid careless, extraordinary or destructive practices because they know that such habits throw valuable resources in the drain.

Clean the clutter, organize yourself and only keep things that you use. If you practice healthy habits, such as eating well, getting enough sleep, and keeping your work and living space organized, you will feel more capable, clear and energetic.

10.The flooded feeling of self-pride.

If you think that the world revolves around you, it is almost impossible to attain true success. Self-centered people lose their effectiveness because they believe everything is about them. Successful people are polite and open-minded. They know that there is a need to focus on the quality of their business, their customers and their product.

Remember, there is a difference between the bloated feeling of self-pride and self, self-confidence in your abilities and your team. Those who are arrogant have lost their ability to see their weaknesses. They are misguided because they believe that they are better than the rest but do not necessarily be ready to work to support that belief.

Successful Entrepreneur

Confident and self-sufficient entrepreneurs have worked tirelessly to understand their business so that they can make informed decisions and take action, but they are still able to listen to others and listen to other approaches.

11.Ambition and indecision

How many successful entrepreneurs do you know who will be described as confused or indecisive? No one. Because successful people know that nothing will ruin your career or your life like indecision. Successful people believe that hesitation will kill their business. There is no place for your goals. Successful people do not have the time or patience for the uncertain people.

To achieve success you have to keep aside fear and suspicion. You have to choose a course and stick to it. You will be likely to deal with failure and adversity on the way. Successful people learn from those mistakes and correct their course, but they always keep on walking.

12. Working from anger.

Anger, hatred and dislike – these emotions are paralyzed, heavy and toxic to a work environment. We all sometimes feel these emotions, but successful people learn to focus their energy on anger when they fix any problem. If they are feeling angry or annoying then they do something to fix the situation.

They do their best to get it out of the people around you. Nobody wants to be a punching bag. Nobody wants to take the illusion of resentment or resentment. Successful people expects more than themselves and will never tolerate such behavior from the people around them.

13. Learn from complaints.

Bill Gates once said that your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Let unhappy customers teach you where the holes in your service area.

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14. Keep a solid business plan

The plan plays an important role in any commercial success. There is a good place to start a business plan – define your skills and weaknesses that you provide, how unique it is and how you increase your offer. What’s more, try to prepare yourself mentally and practically for anything that can be wrong and how you deal with it. For example, what happens if you get injured? What if the customer pays you a month late? What if a weather disaster affects you? Or a reliable supplier goes bankrupt?

15. Be Ready for Financial Challenges

Most of the 600+ small businesses we interviewed in the Santam Start-up survey said that cash flow was their biggest challenge. Treat yourself with cash flow by saving for a month’s expenses or by getting creative with reducing your overheads.

If you pay a deposit or an entire amount is upfront, or even an incentive – like you can discount customers if you distribute your product or service a week ago, then 10% less payment Please. Whatever you do, be extremely careful with the debt – this is one of the biggest killers of small business success.

16. Be Frugal – Remember that you are a start-up

Resist temptation to show off on fancy office, expensive equipment and over-the-top marketing. Your company’s livelihood depends on what’s in your wallet so each rand and percentage should be triple-checked. Maintain a low overhead and manage your cash flow effectively. Jamie Pike survived for one of our 1001 days, it meant building a physical shop for the first time and selling its merchandise in a market; For design pair JCI, it meant that they are sharing their premises with other small businesses.

17. Do not be afraid to ask for help

There is loads of resources for networking, sharing knowledge and advice. Networking is not just for new business opportunities; It can be an amazing source of support and new ideas. Participate in events like Leadercraft (Free Master Classes) and My Biz Expo (if you register before a certain date). Do not hesitate to get advice from people around you (such as your moderator, bank manager, landlord or neighboring business), or online forums and facebookbook community groups in your area.

18. Believe in a trusted mentor

It can be a family member, former boss or colleague, or even a trusted online source or blog. A mentor is an invaluable looking board – someone who has been there to you; In our survey, no person with regular, non-judicial check-ins .6.9% of the respondents has no preservatives – however, he said that he said that he found that his businesses have a positive effect.

“My master pushed me out of my biggest fear,” said a female entrepreneur, who participated in our survey. “This is not someone who will take over”, Cook agrees with Miriam Jacket Harris of Inchem. “This is someone who is going to nurture and help you.”

19. Marketing on a Budget Budget

It is very important to market your new business, but do not have to spend the earth for it. Social media is your friend – Creating your own business page on Facebook is free and will help you with your online search rankings. Submitting your website URL to a search engine such as Google and Bing – it’s completely free.

Also keep an eye on the community of Facebook’s groups – some will require a small advertising fee, while others will allow you to advertise your business within a few days of the week. With the marketing, the bottom line is trying to do anything and everything. Unless you try it out, you will not know what works for you

20. Look After Number One

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle – 9 to 5 days have passed. It is not to say that you should work yourself in the field. Exercise regularly, eat healthy food, and have time to relax or you will be less productive. Of our survey respondents, 64% said that they had to give precious time with their families and friends due to work responsibilities. By working on your time management skills, you will get enough time in your day to spend with your loved ones.


21. Create a team that shares your vision

It’s simple: great people make a great company. As your business grows, you may need to hire employees. First of all, take the time to interview people to ensure that they are friendly to your culture and share your values. Secondly, it can be difficult to let go but it is important how to learn the tasks. In the end, people do not expect to be clones of you. Stay open for new opinions and suggestions. It is always good to get a new perspective on the old ways of working.

22. Never stop learning

Starting your own business is a continuous process of learning and learning. It is important to enrich yourself with both practical and emotional skills. Take a look at free or low cost e-learning resources such as Hubspot Academy, Udmami and IncaDoo.

Sharpen your project or time management skills, learn a new software program or teach yourself how to run your social media campaigns. You can also work on your management, presentation and motivational skills. If you travel a lot, things like podcast and ted talk are great ways to inspire and educate yourself.

23. Protect Your Enterprise

The best entrepreneurs do not seek the risk, they want to reduce the risk. Small business insurance is one of the best ways to take care of your livelihood, and it is more economical than you think (as low as R162 / m with a saint for an administrative business). Ensure that your precious stock and premises are covered in emergencies such as fire or theft.

This are the tips to be a Successful Entrepreneur

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