Top 5 Growth Hacking Strategy You Can Try in 2019

Top 5 Growth Hacking Strategy You Can Try in 2019

1.1. What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking Strategy: The definition of growth hacking is not easy, but for me, growth hacking means quickly converting leads quickly and generating sales by rapidly experimenting with various marketing tactics, advertising efforts, web design decisions, and other tasks.

More importantly, when it comes to hacking development, it is less important to focus on cost-benefit analysis, marketing and advertising-related spending or any other metric.

By definition, development hacking focuses almost exclusively on – you guessed it – development.

First, development hacking happens very quickly. The goal is to try experimental procedures, accept or rule them and move on to the next point. There is no long-term goal other than development here.

why does that matter? Because development can make or break a small or running business. You may have heard that many restaurants close their doors within a few months of opening. This is because they could not achieve enough growth to reap the benefits.

And what is a growth hacker?

There is a common misconception that growth hackers have to become marketers. In fact, many marketers do not have the necessary mindset to hack development.

Marketers are taught to cut costs, focus on conversions, and experiment long-term. Those tactics are anthems to increase hacking.

So, what does a development hacker do?

A growth hacker is one who prioritizes development over all other matrices.

Instead of focusing on specific metrics, Growth Hacker strives to get as many metrics as possible, often using low-cost marketing to achieve those results.

A startup, for example, can achieve rapid growth through a barrage of paid advertising. While the increments do not consider the cost per second in deciding, the money they will not spend will not be with them.

Growth hacking strategies can include content marketing, huge discounts on products or services, major incentives, social media, and similar tactics. His main asset is often his creativity.

For example, GoPro has built its entire company based on creativity. In particular, it solves user-generated content to be virgins and encourage word of mouth. In addition, it makes giveaways like the recently launched $ 1 million challenge.

3 growth hacking examples

If you are looking for development hack ideas, there are examples all around us. Companies continue to find new ways in the marketing space, and they often build sales funnels directly into their products or services.

Importantly, Gary V wants to focus on “chasing attention”, he wants to keep himself in the headlines whenever possible, and that mentality has transformed him into a household name.

1.2. What to do with the focus on development hacking?

You cannot hack your way to amazing growth without getting an eyeball on your products or services. If you are hiding in your corner of the internet, you do not find customers, never mind.

Get out in front of your audience. If they are on social 24/7, you should be too. If they like videos, then you need a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.

What’s the next big thing in your industry? Write an article about whether you are ahead of the game or not. Do your target customers follow many specific influencers? Reach out for a partnership.

1.3. Are you using growth hacking strategies to promote your business?

Whether you are brand new, or have been in business for some time, if you want to be thrilled, development is essential. Businesses that do not grow quickly disappear.

growth hacking strategies

The statistics are clear: 20% of businesses never make it beyond the first year, and more than 50% do not make it to five years. How can you avoid becoming one of them?

Use development hacking techniques to gain traction and skyrocket your customer base.

In this article, we will outline key development hacking strategies and tactics to help user numbers grow faster. Finally, you know the best growth hacks to beat those figures, and build a strong, growing business.

1.4. What is development hacking?

Growth hacking is using strategies and tactics that help businesses grow. The term was coined by Sean Ellis, CEO, and founder of when he found that traditional marketers do not have the focus on the growth they were looking for.

Growth Hacking Strategy

Growth hacking is not just another term for marketing. Unlike traditional marketers, who may have a broader set of skills and goals, development hackers are focused on one goal: development.

Why “Hacking”? The word hacking has many meanings, good and bad. When growth hacking is talked about, a “hack” is a clever type of shortcut that can get you better results, faster. Often “hackers” are good at using modern tools and technology to put their hacks into practice.

Growth hacking strategies typically aim to increase the customer or user base as quickly as possible while spending to a minimum.

1.5. There are three main types of development hacking strategies:

  • Content Marketing (using content to promote your business)
  • Product Marketing (within the product or promoting your product)
  • Advertisement (paid promotion)
  • These developments aim to optimize the stages of the hacking funnel:

Due to AARRR, they are sometimes called the “pirate matrix”.

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral
Growth Hacking Strategy

It is worth noting that there is a difference between development hacking strategies and development hacking tactics.

Growth hacking is a long-term strategy and cannot change. You cover the big picture of what you are doing.

A growth hacking strategy is a short-term implementation of your strategy and can be adjusted as necessary to achieve your strategic goals.

However, the terms are often used interchangeably.

How to build a strategic foundation for growth hacking marketing

If you are going to successfully implement development hacking marketing strategies, then there are some things that you need to do.

For a start, you must have an awesome product. If you don’t, then all the marketing in the world won’t help you achieve the growth you need.

Your awesome product needs to meet the needs of your customers. To achieve this, you will need to understand who they are, and what their customer journey is.

Create buyer

The best way to understand your customers is to create a buyer personality, also known as a customer avatar. They will collect information about them:

Age, gender and education

Key information source

Goals, Values, Challenges and Pain Points Understand the customer journey

Along with knowing your customer, the best growth hacking strategy and tactics depend on understanding the customer journey. The path that people follow, from first becoming aware to becoming genuine, revenue-producing customers of your company.

How to set up WhatsApp Payments and get started with UPI-enabled payments: Here are steps

1.6. There are three main stages of any customer journey:

Growth Hacking Strategy

Awareness phase, when they know there is a problem, but don’t know yet that you can help

Evaluation phase, where they are comparing potential solutions to your problem, including yours

The conversion phase, where they decide your best option

Understand the customer journey to improve development hacking strategies

It is at this point that they become part of the pirate matrix funnel described above. Learn more about understanding their journey in our Customer Journey Roadmap Guide.

Design your site for conversion

Make sure you design your site so that it converts well for you. Contains:

Ensure that new visitors can easily find the information they need

Offering visitors opportunities to connect with you (we’ll see some related development hack ideas later in the guide)

Understanding how people interact with your site to avoid unnecessary hiccups that affect your strategy

Including social evidence, such as numbers, reviews, and testimonials, so visitors know you’re trustworthy

Om number shows social proof

To implement this tip, see our guide to designing for conversions and our tutorial on understanding website user flow.

1.1.1. Now, let’s learn about those development hacking strategies. Here is the table of contents you want to apply first.

1. Reward social shares with discounts

2. Create a free tool

3. Get bloggers to review your product

4. Make your business visible and accessible

5. Attend small, local events

1. Reward social shares with discounts

There are millions of social media users around the world, and it makes sense for you to spread the word across the respective networks. It can help you gain new business through social sharing and word-of-mouth promotion.

growth hacking strategies

Top Social Media Platforms

But simply asking people to spread the word on social media does not always cut it. People always think – “What’s in it for me?”

By rewarding them for sharing, you will see your brand spreading like wildfire.

Think about it – that’s exactly how Groupon does it. If people do not share, they cannot get their deals.

If you are using Shopify, you can use an app like Social Marketing All in One to ask customers to share products as well as add to cart, and then reward them with discounts. .

Check out our guide to get traffic from Facebook and for more useful tips for lead generation using Twitter you can use it to spread the word on social media.

2. Create a free tool

Want a development hacking strategy that helps people identify your company? Create a free tool that is extremely useful.

For example, the online editorial calendar CoSchedule created the Headline Analyzer, which you can use for free as long as you sign up for their email list (see Tip # 1). Once people are on that list, the company can entice customers with content marketing, boost the value of their paid service and give them a chance to try it out.

3. Get bloggers to review your product

As we’ve mentioned before, offering free accounts in exchange for reviews from influential bloggers can be another way to get the word out about your product or service.

growth hacking strategies

Just keep in mind that in order to follow the FTC guidelines, bloggers have to disclose their relationship with you and they will receive any allowances as a result.

We have seen that many companies use this growth hacking strategy. For example, a web hosting company that we know has provided a free basic hosting plan for life in exchange for an honest review. And another company offers a premium account for six months in exchange for a review.

This is a smart growth hacking tactic because it can make people really know about your product or service, and they can then promote it more, which will help you grow. A spin on this is inviting people to contribute to your blog in exchange for a free account. This is a great way to get content and free publicity.

To implement this strategy:

Search Google for bloggers who review and list products and services like yours

See how effective they are by using tools like Klear. Login with Twitter, and you can do a basic search for free.

Development Hacking Strategy – Find Affected With Claire

Type the URL of their blog in BuzzSumo to see if their content has been shared, as in the screenshot below.

Reach them via email, without pushing too much

4. Make your business visible and accessible

Hotmail’s glory days have come to an end but the company reached one million users in just six months.

The company did this by using its 20,000 customers as leverage. The “Get your free email at Hotmail” sign-off strapline was added to every outgoing mail to link to the Hotmail site.

Growth Hacking Strategy

The results were almost instantaneous.

Users who clicked on the link became Hotmail users, and it developed rapidly. The same concept applies to linking “powered” by multiple website footers.

. Trust and focus on delivering a great product

Growth hacking is a vehicle for strategy development, but it will never be successful if your product does not appeal to your market.

If you have a great product, you need to capitalize on trust.

If customers were unable to leave feedback, Amazon and eBay would not be successful.

The same offers products or services for other sites such as Upwork and other online platforms.

5. Attend small, local events

A true development hacker cannot eliminate any possible path that may lead him or her to the goal. This includes going offline to encourage growth.

Growth Hacking Strategy

If you have small, niche-related events in your area – or even out of town – consider participating. You can go as a guest or reserve a booth for your business.

Meeting people face-to-face, moving their hands, and asking them about their needs can make you a more attractive solution than a faceless company.

Start your development hack strategy now

Are you ready to call yourself a growth marketer? Growth hacking does not come easily or naturally to everyone.

Start with a list of the best growth hacks for your business. You can use the list above to give you a head start.

And if you have any questions, just hit the reply and ask. I am here to help you.

Seriously, don’t be shy.

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