Anti-Air Pollution Mask Mi AirPOP PM 2.5


Xiaomi launches anti-air pollution mask in India

Xiaomi Anti-Pollution Mask India has arrived This is especially for the outdoor and has been filtered. It’s portable and you can easily take it anywhere.

Mi AirPOP PM 2.5

Anti-Air Pollution Mask Mi AirPOP PM 2.5

Chinese tech company Shaomi has started selling MiPOP Anti Air Pollution Masks in India. Only buy it from the company’s official website Air quality is constantly getting worse in Delhi. With frost and people are getting more and more difficult. Doctors advise people to apply anti-pollution masks. Its price is 249 rupees.

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It filters PM 2.5 particle size in PM 2.5 anti-pollution mask air. This mask has a built-in filter which is on the right side of the mask. There are many types of masks in Shaomi, including Anti Fog masks. Although there are anti-pollution masks other than this anti-pulse mask, but it is sold only in China.

The second pulse mask can recharge the filter and the company claims that it gives the PM 2.5 filtering efficiencies up to 99 percent. It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge full. It has polymers lithium-ion batteries.

Shawmi has already launched Air Purifiers in India, which are also being popular here. Their prices are lower than the other air purifiers and the features are also good. You can monitor air quality by connecting them to smartphones and you can remotely control it.

Although air purifiers affect your life, it is a matter of debate so far. Some doctors and experts believe that purifiers improve air quality, while some believe that it only confuses you and thus companies increase their purifiers business.

Anti-Air Pollution Mask Mi AirPOP PM 2.5

Powering this whole system is a Li-Ion battery that can be charged easily using a Micro USB port. The best part is you aren’t required to remove the battery from the machine while charging it. Rather you can simply use a USB port and connect it to a power bank to charge. Xiaomi claims that the battery inside can last up to 4-8 hours. Thus you would require charging this air mask every day when you reach home.

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